Facials & Botox

The ultimate in youthful rejuvenation

Fantastic Facials

Lose yourself and let go of the world outside when you enter the luxury of the Fabulous Treatment room. Our aromatherapy massage oils are carefully sourced to create the perfect balance of peace, wellbeing and harmony. All you have to do is sink into the welcoming comfort of a perfectly heated bed, bath in soft candle light and allow us to be your guide through a journey back to you.
All treatments include a complimentary space mask to help those stars align and make you feel out of this world.


And for all the beautiful ladies with specific requirements we offer an exemplary and complete spectrum of amazing enriching Botox procedures. With a team of absolute elite professionals we offer a full and informed consultation before treatment and a step by step process to ensure maximum satisfaction on every service. We are more than happy to provide a no obligation free consultation and a comfortable space to chat. We promise to make it Fabulous, after all, that’s what we do.