Lashes & Make-Up

Luscious Lashes and head turning Make-up for every occasion


Fabu-lush lashes

Whether it’s a beach party, the wedding of the year, a family party or an intimate occasion, let us take care of that finished look. You’ve arrived and you are Fabulous. Time to shine. Lets put the stars in your eyes with a dazzling choice of Tatti, B Perfect and Store Doll Lashes.


Make-up to leave you speachless

Our team of expert MUAs will tailor the look to compliment you, enhancing your natural beauty without compromise. No heavy make up mask leaving you feeling tight or uncomfortable, every face is a work of art and our artists don’t need to follow tired trends, we make new exciting statements making sure that beautiful dewy glow is accompanied by a gorgeous smile. You are the work of art!