Tan & Wax

The artful business of perfect waxing results is a top priority in the Fabulous Salon.


Smooth, Sleek, Silky or shaped

With years of experience we really understand the demands and expectations of the ultimate wax.
From an eyebrow shape to a full body transformation every inch is a work of art and the Fabulous Team loves to work that magic taking the task of waxing into the love of waxing, making every moment count in your journey to Fabulousness!

Tan & Tantouring

At Fabulous Studio check in with the experts in achieving that perfect bronze and relax for the ultimate sun kissed complexion

lady being spray tanned

never fail to feel fantastic when you have that Fabulous Tan 

Jump in and join the hundreds of Fabulous ladies who rate us as their top tanning location. From brides to party princesses, ladies that lunch, formals, special occasions or just a beautifully perfect pick me up.

Be prepared for a big golden hug of Fabulousness with a Tanning or Tantouring experience that will leave you feeling loved.

receiving your tan or Tantouring experience is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 - book it!

Preparing for your ultimate body glow make over is absolutely essential to perfecting that perfect tan. At Fabulous Studio the experience starts in our first conversation. Whether it’s over the phone or in person we will walk you through the best preparation to achieve the best results. All you have to do is follow our guide to Fabulousness – we’ll do the rest! 

Step 2 - check in! 

The warmest of welcomes awaits in our little salon of magical transformation. Ready to glow? Then let’s go!

From your arrival at Fabulous Studio you will be in expert hands with a top class experienced team dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed all ready to get that beautiful body & soul glow.

Step 3 - in flight!

In Fabulous Studio you will be cared for and looked after by tanning and Tantouring fashionistas who use (and love) the products they sell. As tanning deciples we completely understand the intimacy of the booth.

Our expert team will help you match your choice of tan with your skin type and new tans can be mixed to ensure your individuality is captured and this tan is exactly right for you! We can even add a little magic for brightening eyes and smiles. 

Step 4 - departure!

Your all set to go – Before you leave the team will talk you through aftercare for your beautifully newly bronzed skin – top tips and tweaks to ensure you get the very best out of the experience and leave our salon feeling Fabulous – because baby, you are!!